Teacher Tools

Excel tools to support retrieval practice and generate automatic quizzes from banks of questions.


Tool Usage Download
Retrieval Roulette Questions and Answers generate random test. Pick entire topic(s) to include. Download
MCQ Machine Questions and Multiple-Choice Answers generate random test. Pick individual questions to include. Download
Vocab Roulette Terms and definitions generate random test. Pick individual terms to include. Download

Retrieval Roulette

Download Roulette here.

The retrieval roulette is a bank of questions and answers from which a random quiz is automatically generated.1

It supports retrieval practice and spaced repetition: questions from previous and current topics are mixed up randomly (at your control).


Adapted from the example and information in Adam Boxer’s blog. Links to many different examples at the bottom.

MCQ Machine

Download MCQ Machine here.

The MCQ machine generates five multiple-choice questions from a list. You turn individual questions on or off in the Questions sheet and Excel will randomly choose five. The order of the responses are also randomised.


Instructions in the Excel file.


Vocab Roulette

Download Vocab Roulette here.

10-question vocabulary tests from a spreadsheet of terms and definitions.


  1. Inspired by Adam Boxer’s blog and examples here